My Vision of plastic surgery

The current sophistication of modern techniques gives the impression that everything can be achieved in the fields of aesthetic medicine and surgery. The main resulting danger is to only focus on patients’ aesthetic objectives without forgetting the human dimension.

However, the patients’ approach by resorting to aesthetic surgery is never innocuous. It sometimes conceals a deeper and multifactoral malaise, exceeding the mere aesthetic discomfort. Dealing with seeming without accounting for emotional suffering would result in a failure. This is the reason why I am fascinated by this artistic discipline of the human being, combining medical expertise and psychology.

This aesthetic surgery’s global vision aims to restore a psychological and physical harmony of your body, and to boost your self-confidence, while respecting your authenticity.

I attach great importance to the consultation. This privileged moment of listening without prejudices and of exchanges in all simplicity with my patient establishes a relationship of trust. This one is essential for you to express your expectations as well as your fears. It enables me to identify your deep motivations in order to suggest the most appropriate answer corresponding to your anatomy and to your perception. Indeed, a properly done surgery but unable to fulfil your inner physical outline would create a huge disappointment.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Oscar Wilde

Once the operative indication set, I will take the time to submit clear, fair and understandable information relating to the technique chosen, post-operative recoveries, and predictable results as well as main risks.

This transparency is significant to me in order to consider your procedure with utmost serenity. In some cases, it will bring me to deter you from being operated on, if I consider that your request is not feasible or reasonable.
On the day of the procedure, I will use my technical expertise and my surgical rigor to your service, in order to obtain the natural result requested while ensuring the best conditions of security.

My staff and myself will provide a personalized and thoughtful care during your recovery.

It is true that aesthetic surgery has the power to improve patients’ physical appearances and to reconcile themselves to their self-image, which plays a key role in your personal development.

Dr Arnaud Petit, Chirurgien Esthétique à Paris, Versailles (78), Maisons-Laffitte

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