Tuberous breast surgery

Breast surgery

Tuberous breasts constitute a quite common mammary malformation, with an undetermined cause. It appears from puberty during the breast development. This malformation results in deep social as well as psychological discomfort, and affects the feminity of these young women.

It is steadily characterized by a breast base anomaly, whose growth is done solely towards the center of the breast. This development defect at the periphery of the breast is responsible for their tuberous shape in severe forms (in the shape of tuber).
Other defects are possible and represented by:

  • A high position of the inframmary folds, which also contributes to the decrease of the breast base (in most cases).
  • Large areolae
  • An areolar protrusion (bulging of the areola relating to a hernia of the la mammary gland through the areola).
  • An insufficient breast volume (breast hypotrophy) in most cases. However, the breasts can be at their normal volumes, or even undersized.
  • A breast asymmetry (in most cases).

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