The upper body lift

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Many patients feel uncomfortable with their excessive skin rolls in the back area, which are visible underneath their clothes. In female patients, their bulging is accentuated by the brassiere, which cause difficulty in getting dressed. Those excessive skin rolls reveal a secondary cutaneous excess mostly due to massive loss of weight or to aging.

The upper body lift is a little-known procedure which is not wide-spread in France. Dr. Petit devoted his thesis to this innovating topic with Dr. Jean-François Pascal, one of the body lift world leaders.

This procedure enables to treat the dorsal rolls extending by lateral rolls above the waist, and sometimes by submammary abdominal rolls. Moreover, the upper body lift infers a reduction around the waist line.

These upper body cutaneous skin excess cannot be corrected by the usual techniques of liposuction, tummy tuck with an umbilical transposition or lower body lift.

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