Otoplasty (ear surgery)

Facial surgery

Prominent ears can generate a deep complex, and have a psycho-social impact in children (given that they can suffer from teasing at school), but also in adults.

The classical otoplasty enables to treat both malformations (isolated or associated) responsible for the protruding ear:

  • A plication defect of the cartilage of the ear (anthelix), which leads to a lack of relief of the lateral side of the ear (appearing unfolded and flat).
  • A hypertrophy of the concha (central cartilage of the ear behind the auditory canal) increasing the projection of the ear forwards.

Both malformations lead to an increase of the retro-auricular angle between the skull and the ear, responsible for its protruding aspect.

This procedure can be carried out in children from the age of 7 (the ear has reached adult size) and in adults. It can concern one or both ears (unilateral or bilateral otoplasty).

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