Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)

Facial surgery

The rhinoplasty consists in modifying the nose shape, and improving the breathing function in some cases.

It is regarded as one of the most complex and difficult Plastic Surgery procedures. It requires a deep knowledge of the anatomy of the nose, advanced surgical skills, as well as an artistic and three-dimensional vision of the nose.

During his surgical training, Dr.Petit benefited from the experience of an expert in the closed rhinoplasty, , who passed his artistic philosophy relating to a successful nose surgery on to Dr.Petit. His philosophy lies on the enhancement of the aesthetic appearance of the nose in order to focus on a more global objective dedicated to a harmonious beautification of the face. The objective of a rhinoplasty is not to change the nose, but to perform subtle refinements while respecting its identity and nature. Maintaining the architectural integrity of the nose is essential to obtain a natural result, with a long-term and stable effect, and to preserve the breathing function.

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